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Dream 22/11/07


Walk in to check in on a pregnant woman who'd been complaining of stomach pain, and find her with the doctor massaging the baby vigorously from inside her. She then tries it for herself, her hand up her vagina, her belly loose and stretching as her hand makes wide circles. I notice when she takes her hand out that he wedding ring is still on. I say, Aren't you going to hurt yourself with that ring on? The doctor then adds, Yes it's probably a good idea if you remove any rings, trying to make the point that he had implied she do so.

Dream 6/3/2008


At a pub where we always go. But nothing that is literally based on the Courty or Cooper's, e.g. – Just the feel.

            She has already mentioned that she'll be going home soon. We sit at opposite ends, the group of a half a dozen of us. It was my idea to come out, so I could end up at the end of the night alone with her. No one is really in the mood, as if we've been going out drinking together for a few nights in a row and I've never been alone with her to talk.

            Donya even says at one point, when she gets up to get some coasters or looking around for something, saying that we should really go to somewhere new next time.

            I'm pushing it a bit far. It's getting boring. Trying too hard. But I don't contribute much to the conversation. It seems like its only Andrew and Donya, remembering funny scenes from a TV show.


            A drunk guy from another table nearby comes up to us beside Andrew and gives us 5 bucks if he can give us all a little kiss on the lips. Andrew comically taps his closed mouth. The guy moves around the circle quickly and comes to Donya, who's amused by him. He gives her a nervous peck on her thick soft lips, then looks at her graceful watching face, almost shuddering at her beauty before visiting with the rest of us more hurriedly.

            Andrew mentions his excited disbelief that he and Donya, "We'll be in Paris in two weeks!"

Donya is laughing at something Andrew says about the drunk guy and looks over to me smiling. I move closer to her, a drunk woman from the other table also is sitting next to me, staring at me.

            As I move around her to sit next to Donya, the woman is lifting her crossed leg up between my legs. I gently push her leg down, making a joke of it, "That's my groin" which makes Donya laugh.

            We chat for a while, but never get beyond the light humour of general conversation.

            When Donya says that she's going home finally, I panic and say that, "Yeah I'm gonna head off too," hoping that we can walk for a while together. However, while I'm eager to leave, Donya is still standing around with the others, talking about Paris again. After a while everyone else decides to leave with us too.

            I'm already outside in the empty late night street waiting, the pub being a small place on the corner of an inner city residential area – like the Carlyle or the Trinity in Surry Hills in Devonshire Street. I walk ahead, the others walking in a line together, laughing about something I've missed out on.

            I'm obviously impatient and frustrated, separating myself, trying to make a statement to her, like I tend to when things don't go as I've imagined.

            At the bottom of the street is a narrow pathway cutting in between the fenced backyards of two houses, through to the other side: a street running perpendicular, with a row of houses on one and on the other side a large park in the middle of the suburb, like in Rosebery.

            I wait on the step at the front gate to one of the houses. I see a group of 3 aggressively energetic youths dressed in black hoodies coming through the walkway, one of them violently snapping a belt in front of her and whipping it on the pavement.

I'm hiding in the shadows when two guys on push bikes ride passed, unconcerned by the others. And I am embarrassed that I look scared, the three butch girls were just mucking around.

            I recognise one of the guys on the bike as Tim G from uni. He does a double take when he saw me and says, "Hey man".

            "Hey dude, hows it going?"

            At this point Donya, Andrew and the others are coming through the pathway. Donya recognises Tim, "Hey!" surprised. "What are you doing here?!"

            "I was just riding passed and saw Tom."

            Gladly, this makes it look like I wasn't just waiting by myself like a sulking child, that I was out here hanging with Tim the whole time.

            We all start moving together across the road.

            D: "Where are guys going?"

            Tim: "We were just going to (a name of a boy I went to primary school with – the guy who used to have us over at his house a few years ago to get stoned. His house was of a same design as my place in Peacock Parade, but mirrored) house. He's away with his parents."

            I say, "Oh cool, let's go there" to Andrew and the other boys. We all start moving off in the direction with Tim and his friend riding slowly with us.

            Donya starts walking in another direction across the park. I catch up with her. She seems happy. She tells me that she has to go home to sleep, as if anticipating me trying to persuade her otherwise. Then she throws a clump of grass at my belly, with a smile but she's pissed off at me. "How dare you accuse me of acting differently because I have money."

            I can't find the words to explain what I had meant. She thinks I meant that she acts superior. I had meant that because she has money and doesn't need to work, she can't appreciate the meaning of things, and matters of value associated with it. But I really meant that she doesn't appreciate how difficult it is for me working a shit job because I have to and how it's holding me back.

Dream 211107


Walking with Donya, she walks close with me and says, Oh shit I thought I just saw Tim. I say, Is that bad thing? I thought you were friends. She tells me that he has been acting really weird and started stalking her everywhere. She takes my hat (Fedora-style) quickly and tries to disguise herself leaning into me and dark glasses. A man that is supposedly Tim Freedman is darting around frantically to look at all the different corners of the public square we are crossing. I shield her inconspicuously from his sight when he comes near us, but still not seeing us yet, as he walks to the door of a restaurant, supposedly to look in and check. Passing close behind him, making our movements seem natural, we slowly turn into a little alcove, much like the shielded entrance of a public toilet. But he either must've noticed someone going behind there, or determined to check every nook and cranny. We immediately brush passed him and try to get away from him, but he is following us. Pleading with her to listen to him, he is obviously distressed by her disappointed response to his confession to her. He clearly has enormous affection for her. But she doesn't respond to him and keeps walking straight with me. When he begins try to touch her or hold her back, I tell him, Look man, she doesn't want to talk to you. Just leave her be. But this doesn't change his emotions. He has no hostility towards me. But his stubbornness approaches disrespect or fanaticism. Some of our friends have noticed our trouble and come to see whats the problem. They stand around as I stand between him and Donya, who takes the opportunity to exit. I give him a warning push, but he is isn't interested in me, a one-track mind for Donya disappearing beyond me.


25/09/2008 03:00 PM  
A message you sent contained Offensive Text [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

An email message you sent may have contained Inappropriate or Offensive Content. In accordance with ?'s Internet & Email Policy the email message has been quarantined and has not been sent to its intended recipients.

For your reference, the details of the message are:

Subject:   Docs 2  [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
Date:        Thu, 25 Sep 2008 15:00:54 +1000
Recipient(s):  ?@hotmail.com

*** Please Note: Emails containing Offensive words or phrases will generally  NOT be released due to their nature ***

Exemptions may be applied to the following:
a) Words taken out of context by the system;
b) Words that have multiple meanings, some of which are not offensive.

If you require this email to be released or have any other queries, please follow the steps below:

1. Use the Reply With History button to respond with all the required information;
2. If you require the email released, please state your reasons;
3. Ask any other questions you may have regarding this email.

Requests and Queries will be actioned as soon as possible.

Thank You.

* * *


Re: A message you sent contained Offensive Text   [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

I am leaving "?" so I am attempting to transfer personal documents to my personal email account, for safe keeping. I request for all emails sent to my hotmail account (?@hotmail.com) be released.

Thank you,


* * *

Sent by: L
25/09/2008 03:22 PM 
Re: A message you sent contained Offensive Text    [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Hi T,

We can't put on a blanket rule like that to mimesweeper. Most emails will likely go through. If you have any attachments to them they may or may not be stopped by mimesweeper and as such, will need to be released on an individual basis.


* * *


Re: A message you sent contained Offensive Text    

Ok, well all of the emails have attachments. What exactly is the basis on which a document will be retained? Is it to do with computer viruses? Or is going to come down to a personal judgement of what is considered to be "offensive" material? I am interested because none of these documents contain images, but will likely contain coarse language. Will the presence of such language be basis enough not to release them? I mean, we're all adults here aren't we?


* * *

Re: A message you sent contained Offensive Text      [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Hi T,

Yes profanity will stop your emails being sent out. For a comprehensive list of what will and won't detain your emails, please see the IT Framework - linked below:

 - IT Framework

I realise that you find this frustrating and want to get your personal mail sent home, but we have policies in place for a reason. Taking it out on me is perhaps not the best way to solve it. As such, I have cc'd in the IT Support Team Leader to review this situation.


L| Shared Services - IT Support | ?| Sydney |

* * *


Re: A message you sent contained Offensive Text       [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Well, I find it offensive that you have taken my questions as a provocation. Don't I have the right to ask?

Last night in my dream, I couldnt help but speak in 'hip' argot from the 60s while I was talking about something serious, probably about a girl I was having worries about, 'I really dig her man, she's a real hip cat, but the vibes are all wrong, you dig?' It was pretty embarassing, because I was speaking to Wes, and he was sort of just nodding his head, like he does when he doesn't want you to know what he really thinks
Things to read:

Flat Earth Society

Hollow Earth Theories

Expanding Earth Theories

I shit you not R McKinnon just said this: "Well what did Confucius say? (Long pause) A devotion to public duty leaves no room for idleness"

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Thank you Robert. Thank you!

Good Afternoon Michael,

I will collect the documents from you shortly and organise their placing on LSS.

Robert McKinnon

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Sep. 22nd, 2008

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